Panel Debate and Youth in Action Awards Ceremony in Brussels of 31 May 2013, hosted by Commissioner Vassiliou

The sixth edition of European Youth Week (EYW2013) was celebrated across Europe during the week of 26 May – 2 June 2013. EYW2013 consisted of a broad range of events and activities to in all 33 countries participating in the EU’s Youth in Action (YiA) programme, where the coordination and organisation of events was entrusted to the National Agencies of the YiA.

Highlighting the YiA programme was a focal point of the EYW2013. The event offered an opportunity to showcase the successful implementation of the programme, before it is succeeded by a new programme in favour of youth in 2014. The active citizenship of young people was a further theme of the EYW2013, which also focused on the participation of young people in society and in the 2014 elections to the European Parliament.

In Brussels, Commissioner Vassiliou hosted a high profile event on 31st May that celebrated the 25th anniversary of EU youth programmes. The event included a political debate and an awards ceremony for outstanding projects supported by the YiA programme. The debate followed the screening of a video depicting the history and achievements of EU youth programmes and explored the value of youth participation, both for young people themselves and in shaping communities and society at large. The event concluded with a ceremony to present awards to outstanding YiA projects, which were nominated by all countries participating in the programme and selected by a jury composed of representatives of EU institutions and the European Youth Forum.


A marquee showcasing outstanding YiA projects was mounted by the European Commission on the Esplanade of the European Parliament on 30-31 May, as part of the “YO!Fest” organised by the European Youth Forum. The YO!Fest also saw the launch of the European Youth Forum campaign for a “League of Young Voters” ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2014 and celebrated 25 years of EU youth programmes.

The European Commission also hosted a conference in Brussels linked to the EU’s on-going Structured Dialogue with young people and youth organisations. This conference marked the start of a review of this unique process and gathered representatives of all the National Working Groups, who manage the participatory process in the EU’s 27 Member States. The conference shared best practice in conducting Structured Dialogue and drew up conclusions on its future development and conduct.

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